Study Abroad

AES funds can be utilized to support scholar participation in a variety of academic enrichment activities, including the Archer Program in Washington D.C. and study abroad. UT Dallas offers a variety of study abroad opportunities. AES awards can be applied to Exchange Mobility and faculty-led study abroad programs. This program benefit can significantly reduce the costs associated with studying abroad, which makes it an affordable option for students seeking to experience another culture. In order to receive AES funds toward an approved study abroad program, AES recipients must be in good standing with the University and the AES Program. Students must complete all necessary protocol through the International Center. For more information about UT Dallas study abroad, please visit Education Abroad.

The AES Program also provides flexibility for recipients who are interested in non-Exchange Mobility study abroad programs that cannot be funded by AES. Recipients who satisfy all required Education Abroad protocol for any non-Exchange Mobility study abroad program may request to defer their AES award for up to two semesters by filling out an AES Award Deferral online form.