Academic Excellence Scholarship Awards

All AES awards provide funds to defray some or all of the costs of UT Dallas tuition and mandatory fees. Subject to continuing satisfactory performance, these scholarships are available for a maximum of eight semesters (four academic years).

At the highest levels, AES awards provide cash funds to offset some of the other costs that students incur during their university studies.

AES Award Level Tuition Amount per Semester Stipend Amount per Semester Average SAT Average ACT
* Please note, this chart displays average test scores for each award level. No specific achievement in any category of the AES award factors guarantees a scholarship or specific award level. The AES Program will examine each student's record in its entirety.
Achievement $3,000 - 1410 30
Distinction Full Coverage $1,000 1470 32
Honors Full Coverage $3,000 1530 34

All AES awards can be described in terms of the award amounts that students receive. However, more pertinent in assessing the value of an AES award is the amount of the average cost of attendance at UT Dallas that the award will cover. Our Financial Aid Office in conjunction with university cost standards provided by the US Government determines the average cost of attendance. The estimated cost of tuition and fees ($12,528), room and board ($11,112), and books and supplies ($1,200) for full-time undergraduate students during the 2017-2018 academic year at UT Dallas is $24,840.

Other Financial Aid Information

Non-Texas Residents

Students receiving any level of AES award may qualify for in-state tuition and fee charges, regardless of their resident status.

Additional Financial Aid

In addition to the funds provided by an AES award, students may receive support from private third-party scholarships. Any private third party tuition scholarships and state tuition and fee waivers are applied in lieu of the AES tuition and fee award. For example, a student receiving a tuition waiver, such as the State of Texas Exemption for Highest Ranking High School Graduate or Hazelwood Exemption, will not receive AES tuition and fee funds during the semesters in which the waiver or external funding is applied.

AES recipients may also be eligible to receive need-based financial aid based on economic circumstances. We encourage students to contact the UT Dallas Financial Aid Office at (972) 883-2941 to determine eligibility. Any additional third party scholarships received by the university in the student's name are refunded to the student by the Bursar's Office. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Please Note: Recipients of third party or institutional scholarships that provide complete coverage of tuition and mandatory fees may be ineligible to receive AES awards. Please contact the AES office at for more information about how other scholarships may affect AES eligibility.