Academic Excellence Scholarships Qualifications

UT Dallas offers several hundred Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) each year to incoming first-time-in-college freshman students admitted for the fall. The application for admission to the University serves as the AES application. Freshmen applicants must be admitted by March 1 to be considered for an AES. However, awards are contingent upon available funding. Students are encouraged to submit a completed application by January 15 (the priority application deadline). The materials included in completed applications provide the information necessary to determine scholarship eligibility. This includes SAT/ACT scores, class rank (if available), high-school grades, curricular information about types and levels of classes taken, and extracurricular activities.

Award Factors

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Class rank
  • Grades in all coursework
  • Success in Advanced Placement, IB, or dual credit courses
  • Extracurricular and other leadership activities
  • National recognitions

No specific achievement in any category of the AES award factors guarantees a scholarship or specific award level. The AES Program will examine each student's record in its entirety.

The quantity and quality of freshman applicants influences the AES awarding process. The quality and number of applicants, as measured by SAT and ACT scores, increases each year, which results in a highly competitive AES consideration process.